Saturday, May 19, 2007

the impossible day

Today was the impossible day. I say that because Madeline graduated from Kindergarten at 10am and Sadie had her first ever recital at 10am. Impossible for all of us to be at both HUGE events at the same time so we made do. Nonnie and I went to Madeline's graduation and Conrad and Jon went to Sadie's recital.

I entrusted my husband and my son to document fully the recital. I got 3 pictures of the recital, one of them too dark to see, this one and one that was staged and quite obviously so. In this one, I think she has just finished and is , ever so daintily, listening to the thunderous applause.
Here is Madeline in her processional...

...sweet, huh?
She got to sit separate from the others because she had a "solo" during the music portion. Her solo was the word "school". The song was about what they loved. Among the other words there were, family, teacher, my sister, my get the picture. There were 8 solos in that song. Very cute. However, it was too long to get onto "youtube" so, sorry, you'll just have to take my word that it was sweet.
Madeline getting her diploma. She's officially a first grader now. I don't know what they'll do for this last week of school. I hope fun stuff.
Proud Momma.
And the celebration lunch afterwards at our "El-Chico".
Miss Anna, happy that she didn't have to attend either event (or is that us happy for that?) Thanks to Hannah, we all got to enjoy these events without having to worry about 21-month-old-meltdowns. She slept the whole time, she didn't even know we were gone.

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