Friday, May 25, 2007

Last day of school

Second grade awards program today. Sadie got Exemplary Honor Roll (avg. of 90 or above in all subjects), American Citizenship Award (came with a lapel pin and everything!), Art award of some sort and various and asundry classroom awards. She's a real star, that Sadie.

And then Madeline's classroom party. Tacos, fruit, veggies,cowboy cookies, capri suns, what more could you ask for? They had a great time and they all seemed to enjoy the goodies. They gave me a sweet card signed by them all and a gift card to target and some notecards with an "L" on them. Very sweet and very unexpected.
Madeline's tye-dye shirt, remember that?
Group hug!

Then we went to the rehearsal dinner (lunch) for Esther and Dustin's wedding. The girls are going to be the flower girl and ring-bearer in it tomorrow. Esther is John's (Conrad's brother) middle daughter.

This is Esther and Dustin. Aren't they a lovely couple?
Timothy (Esther's big brother) and his sweet wife, Nicolette.

The girls in the back of Uncle John's van.

I hesitated to put this one on here because I'm in it. But Esther and Nora (John's wife) being in it over-ruled my being in it. The dresses I am holding are georgeous. They are the dresses for the girls to wear tomorrow. I can't wait to see them all dolled up. Sadie wants "Princess hair" and Mads wants a ponytail. Sadie may get what she wants, Mads? Not so much.

I'll be sure and post pictures tomorrow.

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