Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quatro de Mayo

Yesterday, the kids were out of school for "Cinqo de Mayo". Don't get me wrong, I love Mexico. I love mexican food. I love margaritas which you find in mexican restaurants. I love that Mexico won it's independence from something. But do we, Americans, really need to make it a national holiday? If you are hispanic and want to celebrate it by taking your children out of school, fine by me. I generally take my children out for the opening day of baseball season. I don't expect the school to make it a holiday, however. I would have rathered my children go to school yesterday and been out a day earlier at the end of the year, especially since we're having to tack on an extra day for snow this year. Just my personal opinion. Don't even get me started on Ceasar Chavez day.

OK, on to more fun things. And I will admit that not getting up and going to school was nice yesterday. I'm looking forward to a whole summer of that.

The girls decided they would have make up day yesterday since I decided to clean house and all I asked them to do to help me was not mess up as fast as I cleaned up. Didn't really work but I did get the office clean and my room partially clean.

Then, some of the kittens got their first taste of outside.

3 weeks old now. WooHoo!

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