Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The big pitcher - oh I crack myself up!

Today was finally the big day. The day all us MBSers (Most Blessed Sacrament Church for the uninitiated) have been waiting for. Today Father Joe would be throwing out the first pitch at the Rangers vs. Padres (get it? Father Joe - Padre?) game. I don't think he knew that 620 tickets were sold to parishoners for this big event.
This is the man himself, Father Joe, talking to my Mom. When I first saw this picture, it gave me the willies the way they're looking at each other and all. But now I see it as the best picture I have of the two of them.
OK, if you look in the middle of the picture...there's a man with a whiteish shirt on and khahis with his leg crossed over the other one, that's Father Joe acting like "this ain't no big thing".
This is right after he threw it. Sorry they're not closer pictures, I did the best I could.
Our fearless Choir Director...hmmmmm, no wonder she's fearless....
I swear to you this is what he was saying to me when I took this. "I'm not drunk, It's just those 4 beers and that shot of whiskey". He cracked me up. But what a great job he did with those tickets. He was in charge of that part of this event. Thanks, Greg!!!!!

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