Friday, June 16, 2006

Two days late

Clear your mind....go back to Wednesday...June 14th.... you there? Good, yes that's it. Nice

Happy Flag Day!
This is the flag that hangs in the VA hospital. I love this flag. It's huge. It's patriotic. It's there for all the brave and wonderful veterans. It's in this space between two buildings and on the wall to the left of it is this...
It is pictures of flags and people with flags and the Star-Spangled Banner written on those red and white striped parts. I love it. It makes me feel proud to be an american when I see it. I just want to stand and salute something.

So there's my Flag Day blog. I've been waiting for flag day for 3 weeks now to do it and I can't believe I missed it.

You may go back to the present now.

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