Sunday, June 11, 2006

The place where I grew up

I went back to my hometown this weekend for a reunion of the neighborhood I used to live in. I lived in this neighborhood (Cherokee Park) from before I could walk until I went to live with my Aunt during my third year of college. I lived in 4 different houses in this neighborhood and I have put the pictures in this blog. The pictures of people will be in the next one. I guess you'll read that one first so there was no real point in putting that in here.

I know y'all know by now that I have no control over the sequence of the pictures I put on here so that explains the order of the houses.
This is the second house I lived in. 1117 Graystone. This is the house we lived in when my parents divorced. I don't think it was the house's fault. Let's not hold it against it. I loved it. I remember having a room upstairs and one downstairs (not at the same time). This is where we lived when I walked into the chainsaw and had to get stitches in my foot. Ask me, I'll show you the scar. The bushes weren't there when we lived there. We also built a big "shed" out back for my Daddy to build stuff in.
This is Cherokee Park Elementary School. If you lived in the neighborhood, you went here (unless you went private). It seemed so much bigger when I was a student.
333 Mayfair. This is the first house we lived in and the house my Daddy moved back to when he and my Mom divorced. While we were driving by this house this weekend my mother told me (for the first time) that when I was little I was rocking in a rocking chair and rocked and rocked and rocked myself right out of the big picture window there in front. I don't remember that and it was the first time I had ever heard that story. I am so surprised that that story doesn't live in infamy in our family.
This is the house we lived in after my mom married Henry. 420 Indian Trail. Those big pine trees in front are what got rolled with toilet paper one night and Henry made the boys who did it clean it up that night. I was SO embarrassed. He said to them "in my day, if we liked a girl, we'd bring her a cake". They brought him a cake the next day.
This house is next door to the house we lived in with Henry. It's where we lived just prior to them getting married. 424 Indian Trail.

What a great neighborhood. And so many people who came to the reunion. I was amazed. I wasn't the only one who loved where I lived.

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