Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thank you

I have a thank you to post to all of you out there praying for Rachel.

Rachel is our niece who is pregnant and the baby had a c-cam growth on his lung and it could affect his heart and we were anticipating the worst.

Rachel had a consultation with a Dr. today and had 2 sonograms and the technicians said that if they didn't know they were looking for a c-cam they would'nt know one was supposed to be there. It has shrunk to a sliver!!! She is feeling relief unbounded and we are in full baby mode.

Thank you to all who prayed. Please say a prayer of thanksgiving. Isn't it awesome when God answers prayers (the way we want him to). The Dr. said only a handfull of these c-cams actually shrink so she is really feeling miraculous.


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