Saturday, June 03, 2006


There have been a lot of false alarms on this occurrence but this is the real deal. I knew where all the other children and adults were in the house and none of them were in Anna's room. This child sat up all on her own and from the looks of it, she was pretty proud of herself.

Her bed has been on the top rung for 91/2 months now and finally we have moved it down. We also put the big girl car seat in (backward) in the car today. It's a red letter day for Anna!

By the way, put Aug. 12 on your calendars as a day to come celebrate Anna's first birthday. No presents necessary, just your presence. Of course, we'll put on the brisket and other goodies. I hope you can all come! An official blog invitation will go out later but I wanted you all to save the date!

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